About Me

I’m 40 years old and I weigh 321 pounds. I’ve been struggling with my weight since I was a young child. I’ve tried all kinds of diets and weight loss regimes. I’ve lived on liquid protein shakes for months at a time. I’ve taken vitamin and mineral supplements, attended support groups and tried to sweat the fat out. Nothing has ever worked for me. I’ve steadily gained about 5-10 pounds a year since my early 20s.

With two young kids and a beautiful, brilliant wife, I’ve decided the time has come for drastic action. I’m setting myself on a course toward surgical intervention. Basically, I’m going to have my gut replumbed. I won’t be able to ingest the quantities I’ve consumed in the past, and my body won’t absorb all of the calories from the food I do ingest. It’s a dangerous and scary decision, but one I feel is truly necessary.

Why the blog? Well, I’m a marketing guy and writer by trade. I was laid off from a big financial services company in the spring of 2009. I needed a project separate from my job search to keep my mind stimulated. I also need to write to process in my own mind what I’m going through. It’s a huge step for me to share such intimate details of my life, so give me a break when you’re reading it. You can think of me as the fat guy, and maybe even take some pity on me, but don’t forget that everybody’s got their own baggage. I’m doing this to understand mine.


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