How does a man eat?

Weight Watchers slogan for their new men’s product: “Eat like a man. Not like a rabbit.”

I saw this on the Washington Post website, next to a story about Michelle Obama’s initiative to stop childhood obesity. There was a picture of a big, manly grilled steak in the ad. So, on the one hand the First Lady is telling us to eat healthy and set a better example for our kids. On the other hand, the supposed weight loss experts are telling us we need a slab of red meat to feel manly. Isn’t the first lady growing rabbit food in her White House vegetable garden? Isn’t the meat part of the problem?

I’m confused.


One thought on “How does a man eat?

  1. “eat like a man. not like a rabbit.”

    i think the answer is somewhere in the middle. i’m on weight watchers and i can have some steak. i can have a LOT of steak if i exercise enough and earn the privilege. which i try to do, since i am happier with A LOT than NOT A LOT. i am American. i want A LOT.

    oh, and i don’t believe it’s the weight loss experts telling you that you need a slab of red meat to feel manly. it’s the advertising copywriters, who are a wily bunch and not to be trusted.

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