McDonald’s is the Devil

I haven’t had McDonald’s for over a week. As a matter of fact, I’ve eaten rather healthfully for the seven days of our Miami Beach vacation. It’s easier when I’m with my wife and kids 24/7. I’m not craving McD’s much, but I do miss it. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s comfortable. It’s like a bear hug from your big brother.

But McD’s is also Big Brother. It controls you. Manipulates you. Makes you want what you shouldn’t have, what hurts you. At it’s basest, a Big Mac is nothing more than a delivery system for factory processed, high-fat food that’s loaded with high fructose corn syrup. Trust me. It’s in the bread.

It will be harder next week. Erica will be back at work; the kids will be in school. The Golden Arches will be calling, and like a smoker struggling to quit I’ll want one last drag, one last hit. I didn’t plan that my last meal at McD’s would be my last. It just kind of happened. At the drive-in I ordered a Quarter Pounder with fries and a Hi-C orange drink, along with a Filet-o-Fish on the side. Ate it in the car driving aimlessly, and dumped the trash (read: destroyed the evidence) before heading home.

I realized the next day that had to be it. I’d betrayed myself and my family long enough. It didn’t make sense to keep eating Mickey D’s if I’d have to stop soon anyway. My first appointment with with the bariatric clinic was approaching and the decision felt right. I quit Cheez-Its the same week.

After WLS, I’ll need to learn to eat almost everything in moderation. But I know deep down that I’ll never succeed with some foods. That’s why Mickey D had to go.


10 thoughts on “McDonald’s is the Devil

  1. Way to go Big Mike… you are absolutely correct in your identification of these foods as addictive substances – I really do believe that they are as addictive and as harmful as cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs. I’m one year post op today, down 140 lbs, and I couldn’t be happier – but I also realized that I always have to be diligent about what I put in my mouth so as to avoid a “relapse”, because again, addiction is addiction, it doesn’t matter if it involves heroin or chicken mcnuggets.

  2. Wow I cannot explain how incredible it was reading your blog and the fact that if you changed the name to my own you would need to change NOTHING. I am so comfortable reading you it makes my eyes see that I am not alone and, in fact very similar to you and most certainly many others. The part about hitting Micky-D’s drive through (god forbid we would get OUT of our car to hunt down our tasty bounty) and drive aimlessly then hit a dumpster or trash can BEFORE going home. I am right here with you my friend. I had RNY 6weeks ago in Philly and it is the very best decision I have ever made…well besides asking my wife to marry me.

  3. Hey Mike
    It’s almost a month after your last post. I’m hoping things are going well for you. I’ve just been referred to a surgeon for wls, and i’m nervous as hell (even tho i’m expecting a wait of at least a year before i get the surgery). I love your attitude and your committment to this process. Best of luck to you. I hope you keep writing.

  4. McD’s sobriety is a big, big step! It was a big part of my losing 44 pounds through the year before my surgery (five weeks ago). Funny, I don’t miss the food… but I get this weird feeling when I see the arches! They really do have us all brainwashed. The layer upon layer of fat, sugar, salt… all designed to be as comforting and addictive as possible… is SO not about nutrition and so much about them making money.

    So, good on ya! It ain’t easy to quit, but the reward of health is worth any pain involved.

  5. “It’s like a bear hug from your big brother.”

    It’s amazing the comfort that food brings us, isn’t it? I read this and can TOTALLY relate. When I think back on what I used to eat – DISGUSTING. It was like crack for me. At one point, one meal wasn’t enough. I had to just keep eating more and more, and I would literally order a quarter pounder meal AND a chicken nugget meal and eat BOTH. The thought of it now makes me ill.

    What normal person in their right mind eats like that? That food WAS a drug. Completely controlled my mind and my appetite. Ugh. I can honestly say I don’t miss it, and I am thankful every day for it. (But I DO miss the feeling that I would get – that “bear hug.” I still struggle with that, but at least I don’t eat that stuff anymore….)

  6. I feel your pain. I have a surgery date. I wanted to say I was a smoker and had to quit for 3 months before they would even let me come in. I quit THAT DAY! I have not picked up a sigg since. My point is that was a breeze compared to quitting McD’s b-fast. I have moved away and don’t pass them now so it’s not so hard. There are day’s I drive to go eat out and turn around and come home.

    • Yes. I am. I just published a short post, and I’ve got a few others in the works. At least one more should pop up over the weekend. I was sick and spent a week in the hospital. I’ll publish a post today letting you know what happened – I’m OK now. PLEASE keep reading. It keeps me motivated to write and to go through with this. Thanks, Mike

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