Quick update…

My sister, Andrea Scotting, is a food-obsessed nut, but I love her anyway. She talks about food ALL THE TIME. Drives me nuts. She knows the intimate details of Julia Child’s famously complicated recipe for boeuf bourguignon, and the fundamental distinctions between Indian favorites chicken tikka masala and chicken korma (they taste the same to me). I don’t know much about food. Apparently I care about it, since I’m a large guy and I clearly eat lots of it. But talk about it? Nah. My mouth is usually too full.

I’m happy, however, to discuss the intricacies of the pre-WLS liquid diet, which I started today.


3 thoughts on “Quick update…

  1. Talk to me neph! I have three friends here in AZ who have had the surgery and all are doing fabulous. I can put you in touch.

    I just read all of your blog and I commend you on your decision and know you will do fine.

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