Big Fat Update

This is a guest post by Big Fat Mike’s sister, Andrea

I just got off the phone with the man himself and he sounds great! Not just-won-the-lottery great, but great nonetheless. He’ll be in the hospital until tomorrow (Thursday) and then head home. He can only have liquids, so he’s enjoying a balanced diet of water and deliciously refreshing Crystal Light (I forgot to ask what flavor. I clearly would not make a good investigative journalist.) He should be on solid foods in a couple of weeks.

He’s in some pain, but it doesn’t sound too terrible. The best part was that he sounds optimistic. Tired and in pain, yes, but scared no more. He faced down his demons (doctors, hospital, surgery) and has come out a better person for it. Although, I’ve always thought he was a pretty awesome person to begin with, but maybe now he’ll agree.


2 thoughts on “Big Fat Update

  1. I remember the few days after my gastric bypass. I had a hard time keeping even liquids down. That lasted for a few days and it was scary, but with the help of my husband we made it through.

    Good job Mike, this marks the first few days of your new life!

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