Of hospitals and marathons

I had another surgery the other day, to fix the damage made during my last procedure. It wasn’t unexpected. I’ve actually been building toward this for a while, and it wasn’t as bad as I had built it up to be. But I’m still stuck in the hospital, almost a week later. Crap.

The trouble now is they can’t get the pain under control. Either I get too little relief from the pain meds, or way too much. Agony or ecstasy. Take your pick. I just miss my family and want to go home.

Still, I’m in a much better place than before. The new hospital is good and the docs and nurses terrific. I was thinner and healthier going into the surgery, so I’m feeling stronger now. I’m letting the anger go from all the prior problems. Hopefully, I’ll get this all behind me soon, and start writing about the marathon I want to train for. Yeah, a marathon. Or maybe just a run around the neighborhood with Erica. I’d consider either one a huge accomplishment.


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