The Man In The (not so big) Gray Flannel Suit

I threw out my entire wardrobe last week. Everything except my socks and shoes. It was so strange to let all my fat stuff go. I hadn’t worn most of it in months, and never wanted to again. But I had a lot of money invested in those clothes, and tossing it all in the donate pile felt like such a waste.

For kicks, I tried on an almost new, size 54 suit coat. To say I was swimming inside it is an understatement. It was a really nice, made-to-measure, gray flannel number, with unstylish double vents in the back and two pairs of matching pants. Perfect for a fat guy, and it wasn’t cheap. In fact, it was the only suit I owned that wasn’t off-the-rack from Rochester Big and Tall. I was blown away by the outsize fit. Part of me can’t believe I actually once filled it up.

I hope it’ll make someone who needs it very happy.

I don’t have much hanging in my closet right now. I bought four shirts from J. Crew and a few from a cheap discount place. Most are extra large, but two are just large. I’ve got two pairs of Levis, size 38, and a pair of khaki pants, no pleats. The sport coat I bought in September is gone, along with some chinos I was using earlier this fall.

I also picked up some exercise clothes, which I’ve been living in, and not just for exercising. There’s something about my new Under Armour thermal running shirt that says ‘fitness’ to me, and it makes me feel good to wear it.

Next up, after the new year, will probably be a new suit, gray flannel too, but designer stylish this time.


4 thoughts on “The Man In The (not so big) Gray Flannel Suit

  1. Great post and so relevant to me as I am doing the same exact thing in my closet. Wow Mike…your new photo. Wow! Do your children recognize you? =)

  2. mike- amazing. so happy for you!
    i had a dream about you a few years ago and you were a thin guy- it was an omen- it was meant to be- someone inside- waiting to get out.

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