18 hours to go…

I’m 18 hours away from surgery. I’m down about 14 pounds or so from the pre-surgery diet, but I think my blood pressure is way up. My nerves are shot. At the moment I’m subsisting on Isopure and Ativan.

2 thoughts on “18 hours to go…

  1. Mike! It is okay. It is really okay. You chose your doctor because you trust in him or her. He or she chose you because they believe they can help you. Think good thoughts. Visualize how your life is going to change for the better. See how much fun you are going to have with your children. Think about all that stamina you are going to have with your wife…etc. You can do this….

    And…whether you are or not…I am a believer so I am lifting your name up to the Almighty to take care of you and those you love. So…chill… =).

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