He Did It

(This is a guest post by Big Fat Mike’s sister, Andrea)

Hallelujah and praise be! Mike is out of surgery and in the recovery room.

The report from the doctors is that it all went really well. They were able to perform the surgery laparoscopically, which is pretty amazing, so I’m guessing that will make his recovery easier and he’ll just have a teeny weeny, barely imperceptible scar (insert your he’ll-be-in-a-bikini-in-no-time joke here.)

I can’t emphasize enough how much Mike hates being a patient. He hates hospitals and doctors and needles and drugs and poking and prodding and all that attention. Oh, how he hates the attention! Mike is truly happiest when he’s in charge and he’s most certainly not in charge here.

But I think that by surrendering his power to the doctors here, by becoming a patient in this scenario, he’s actually taking charge. By becoming a patient voluntarily now, he’s making the decision not to have to be a patient involuntarily in the future, which makes me hugely proud of him.

And given his extreme distaste for the situation, I am doubly proud of him for having the cojones to go through with it. I know it wasn’t an easy decision and it won’t be an easy process. But I know he can do it, because he’s in charge now.

Hopefully, his recovery from surgery will be as fast and painless and easy as is possible. And, hopefully, his recovery from obesity will too.


7 thoughts on “He Did It

  1. Sister Andrea! Pleased to make your acquaintance =). Thank you so much for letting us know about Mike. I have been thinking about him all morning and am glad to hear he is doing well. I am so proud of him. Although we are strangers, through his writing I feel as though I know you all and care about each one of you. So again, thank you and give him our best.

  2. Hi Andrea! Thanks for updating us on Mike! He had me laughing this morning! Please give him our best and we hope to see him post soon! Connie

  3. Hi Andrea –

    I’m glad to hear Mike is doing well. Please tell him I say hi! Thanks for the update.

    Jon Gilbert
    Jupiter, FL

  4. Mike is a friend of mine from the OH website and I was happy to hear that he made it through surgery okay. Tell him it will get better, but this first week (I had my RNY on teh 4th) is the week from HELL. Not to upset him but to let him know that not everyone just alides through this without pain or adversity. My thoughts and prayers are with you Mike. Hange in there and welcome to the Losers Bench.

  5. Andrea…Mike….we need an update. How are things going? We need to know how you are. Speak to us. Connie

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