I’m craving Entenmann’s

Just to point out that this whole weight loss surgery thing isn’t the bed of roses it’s purported to be (as if that were really the case for me!), I’m craving an Entenmann’s cake right now. A whole one. Vanilla. The kind with the dark frosting that lifts off in a chocolaty peel of yummy goodness. It’d probably send me into sugar shock faster than I wrote this blog post. I’m blaming this craving on my sister. She started talking about Entemann’s the other day, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that beautiful blue and white box. Gotta stay away from that supermarket end cap or 201.8 will be a fading memory…


3 thoughts on “I’m craving Entenmann’s

  1. when did i bring up entenmenn’s? you started it. although i do enjoy me a chocolate crumb donut. yeah, i think staying away – far, far away – from the end cap display is a smart move.

  2. I wouldn’t settle a piece of cake. I’d want to eat the whole thing. I just avoid the thing.

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