Burger King’s Japanese Meat Monster – Godzilla on a Bun?

If McDonald’s is the Devil, as I’ve said before, then what’s Burger King? Scarier than Godzilla, if their latest creation is any indication.

As if the leaking radiation from the damaged Fukashima Daiichi nuclear power plant isn’t enough to kill the poor Japanese, Burger King has just launched a massive, 1,160 calorie, 820 Yen ($9.81) Meat Monster Whopper in the Pacific Rim nation. The Meat Monster is made of two burgers, a chicken patty, three bacon strips and two cheese slices, stuffed into a standard, sugary fast food bun. Oh yeah, they toss on some lettuce and tomato too. Need to make sure the Japanese get their fiber. The whole thing adds up to more than 60 grams of fat and 2,300 milligrams of sodium.

So much for the healthful, low-fat Japanese diet. Burger King is clearly rooting for obesity to take their country by storm, just like in the United States. Gotta grow the business internationally, right?


Here’s what the Huffington Post has to say about it

Slashfood says the Japanese can even customize this mega meal with teriyaki sauce, an egg or a fish patty, whatever that is.

And the Toronto Star says the chain is breaking a 2007 promise to lower trans fats in its meals. Or maybe not – the Meat Monster isn’t available to our friends in the Northern Territories. No word on whether it’s coming to our shores anytime soon.


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